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About Me

My Journey


I was born into a very open-minded family on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon, during the hippie movement of the late sixties. My parents introduced me to classes on developing intuition, self-healing, manifesting, mindset, and visualization techniques in my childhood. I realized this was a powerful practice but pushed it to the back burner for many years.


For over 25 plus years, I worked for a Fortune 500 Corporation Managing multi-million dollar operations and coaching thousands of people to greater success in their careers and personal life. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the people I worked with develop and thrive. I knew I had a unique talent for coaching and inspiring others.


However, as a working mom clocking 65 hours or more a week in a high-stress position and commuting hours a day, my health was taking a toll. I didn't realize the long term impact stress can have on health. I fledged forward with my life until I was assigned an unusual task. I was asked to read Thrive by Arianna Huffington and conducted a presentation on workplace wellness. Thrive opened my eyes to burnout and of benefits of meditation. 


Quicky, I began studying everything I could on meditation and holistic healing. My studies reacquainted me with the practices I learned in my childhood. Then I delved into energy healing and holistic approaches to healing. 


As a result of long term stress, I succumbed to fibromyalgia, high cortisol, adrenal fatigue, and sleep issues. What I have learned through holistic and natural practices has allowed me to rid myself of these ailments.  


I quickly realized it was time for me to retire from my corporate career, and share my true passions, coaching, and teaching with the rest of the world. You see, what I learned was so remarkable I wanted to share it with everyone. 


Today I am proud to say that I'm a certified Life Coach, Meditation Instructor, Stress Expert, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Speaker, and all-around Spiritual Guru. It's my pleasure to share my knowledge with you and to speak on these topics, including workplace wellness. 


Through my journey, I have learned that embracing your mind, body, and soul is healing, empowering, and creates a life full of unlimited possibilities. I want to help you create the amazing life you desire.  

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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