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I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say to me, I can’t meditate. I tried, and it’s too hard. The funny thing is that most people have meditated, and they don’t even realize it. There are many little-known ways to meditate that are very simple to do.

People frequently think that meditation is completely turning off all of your thoughts. However, this is not the case. Meditation is slowing down, recognizing your thoughts, and letting them go.


As a child, I grew to love gardening. I found that working in the yard with plants and being outside was rejuvenating. I would frequently go outdoors and garden when I was stressed. I didn’t know why I was drawn to this or why I felt so good when I was done.

As I began to learn about meditation, I learned that gardening is a form of this practice. Working with plants and soil is a way to immediately connect with the healing properties of mother earth. Gardening has a grounding effect, allowing for balance in our energy fields. Tending to our garden is a mindful experience.


Have you ever heard about an athlete being in the “zone” or the “flow”? Being in the “flow” is a state of your mind being completely focused on the present moment. Our mind and body have the natural ability to connect and focus via movement and exercise. If you can get outdoors and exercise, that would be even better.

Take advantage of the high vibrational elements of nature while you get in your flow. Try simple activities such as walking, hiking, and biking. They are a great way to have a mind-body connection.


Engaging in arts and crafts taps into our natural creativity and quiets our mind chatter. Many artists find themselves in a place of mindfulness focused on each stroke of their brush. This, too, is a state of flow.

When we let go of continuous thoughts, we can obtain meditative status. If you aren’t an artist, try adult coloring, woodworking, or pottery. Regardless of the art or craft, you will arrive at the same outcome.


If you are a swimmer, do you ever recall that feeling when you just floated on your back weightlessly? Floating on my back is one of my favorite things to do. I’m sure my husband thought I was dead a time or two as I floated in the pool for an extended period. It’s so peaceful I could stay like that for an hour.

Water creates a weightless euphoric environment and muffles outside noise. If you are comfortable being in the water, you will find this one of the most natural and enjoyable ways to drift into meditation.

You don’t have a pool to float in? Don’t worry, float tanks are becoming quite popular, and they are popping up in many communities. Yes, people pay money to experience a float tank or pod.


Similar to floating is soaking in a bathtub. Most people have experienced the serenity of a blissful tub. Notice how relaxed you become; your mind slows into soothing, calming thoughts. Effortlessly, you are gliding into a meditative state. Add a relaxing essential oil such as lavender, light a candle, and you have the optimal place to meditate.


Do you ever recall having the opportunity to stare into a flame, the daytime sky, or at the stars? Most of us have, and I bet we all have found it peaceful. Gazing improves concentration while connecting you to your

self. Quickly, your thoughts will slow as you ease into a natural state. Sky gazing is an ancient practice referred to as Dzogchen. Dzogchen is said to be the primordial state of pure awareness that is present in sentient beings. Trataka is also an ancient form of meditation that involves starting with a single point, such as a flame. Whether you are gazing into flame or the sky, you will find gazing beneficial to your meditation regimen.

People commonly think that meditation is completely turning off all of your thoughts. As you can see, that is not the case. Meditation is slowing your thoughts, recognizing your thoughts, and letting them go. It’s a process of allowing your mind and body to relax to the point where you are in connection with your present thoughts.

If you have been struggling to meditate or think it is too hard, I recommend trying some of the modalities above. I hope you have found this post helpful—blessings in your meditation journey.

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